XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester

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The XH-M240 Battery Capacity Tester is a device used to test the voltage, discharge capacity, and discharge energy of a 18650 lithium battery. It is commonly used for circuit board and electronic component testing.

Product Parameters:

Model: XH-M240
Display accuracy: 0.1
Measurement accuracy: 1mAH
Power supply: DC 5V-12V/18650 battery (Not included)
Standby current: 5-7mA
Discharge current: About 500mA
Load power: 10W, 8Ω
Installation hole: 3mm


Material: Circuit Board, Electronic Components
Size: app.11 x 8cm/4.33 x 3.15in
Color: Green
Quantity: 1 Pc


  • It can display discharge capacity and discharge energy.
  • And it supports parameter memory function, convenient for checking next time.
  • With dual working power supply, it has high working efficiency, and saves your time.
  • Made of high quality electronic components, it is solid, durable and good conductivity and performance, long service life.
  • This battery capacity tester is used to test the voltage, discharge capacity and discharge energy of a 18650 lithium battery.


Package includes:

1 x Battery Capacity Tester


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