XBee USB Adapter Explorer


C-1 , R-6 , I-5


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This little shield that could, takes the small and feisty Xbee module range and makes it easy to attach to microcontrollers and gives them access to those much desired wireless capabilities. Furthermore the on-board USB connection allows you to hook it up to a PC and configure the connected module. This is the ideal module to breakout those advanced Xbee operations.


  • Length (mm): 41
  • Width (mm): 26
  • Height (mm): 8
  • Form Factor: Xbee
  • Brand Series: Funduino
  • Main Colour: Blue
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 85°C
  • Hardware Compatibility: X-CTU software
  • Pin Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Mounting Hole Size: M3
  • Mounting Dimensions: 35/20mm
  • Format: USB-TTL
  • Chipset MPN: FT232
  • Connector Type: Adapter
  • End A: USB-Mini
  • End B: Xbee