Water Level Controller AC/DC12V


C-3, R-3 , I-4


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The Water Level Controller XH-M203 AC/DC12V works by using a sensor to detect the water level in the tank or reservoir. When the water level reaches a certain point, the sensor will send a signal to the controller, which will then turn on or off a pump or valve to control the water level.


Model: XH-M203
Working voltage: AC/DC12V
Output capacity: 10A
Output type: Relay output
Control type: Full Automatic
Size: 6×3.8cm / 2.36×1.50 inch
Installation: M3 screw hole


When the water level is higher than the upper line, it will stop to add water automatically, no need for manual management, full automatic. Easy installation, and simple to operate. Widely used in water conservancy project, water tower, water bucket, water tank, water pond …etc.

Package List:

1 X Water Level Controller + Connection Wire


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