Transistor – NPN (BC548)



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The BC548 is a general purpose epitaxial silicon NPN bipolar junction transistor found commonly in European electronic equipment.

BC548 is one of a series of related transistors: BC546 to BC550. These have broadly similar ratings and the same collector current and hfe, but their breakdown voltage VCBO varies across the range. -548 has a 30V VCBO, the -547 50V and the -546 80V. The -549 and -550 variants are low-noise versions.

The pinout for the TO-92 package has pin 1 attached to the collector, pin 2 connected to the base, and pin 3 connected to the emitter.


  • Devices registered to this Pro Electron number must have minimum performance characteristics.
  • Breakdown voltage, with base open VCBO = 30 V
  • Rated collector current IC = 100 mA
  • Rated total power dissipation Ptotal = 500 mW
  • Transition frequency (gain-bandwidth product) ft = 300 MHz




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