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RC-112E 12V 10A Digital LCD Thermostat Regulator Temperature Controller is a mini thermometer controller, an energy-saving device with stable performance, reliability, and neoteric appearance. Can be used for domestic freezer, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial chiller, steamer, industrial equipment, and other temperature control applications.

It can be systematically installed on to dashboard with a locking provided with a 2-meter long cable for temperature sensor probe and easy connection explained in user manual out of the box.

It has an application range is like home temperature control, farm, various cold storage, greenhouse, aquarium, etc.


  1. With a large and clear LCD digital display to prevent light interference.
  2. Portable design, High quality, durable, and easy to operate.
  3. Delay protection function,temperature calibration function.
  4. Cool and heat shift functions, which apply to various refrigeration and heating places and equipment.
  5. High accuracy of temperature measurement, clear temperature value, and more convenient observation.


  1. Model: STC-1000
  2. Output: one relay 10A
  3. Color: Gray
  4. Temperature measure range: -10 ~ 60℃
  5. Resolution: 0.1
  6. Accuracy: ±1 ℃
  7. Power supply: 220VAC/12V, 50/60HZ


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