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The TEMT6000 Ambient Light Sensor Module is a visible light to analog voltage converter for measuring the intensity of light.



  • Visible light sensitivity with peak at 570nm
  • +/- 60 degree angle of sensitivity
  • Fast reacting in uSec range.
  • Analog voltage output proportional to the intensity of light falling on the detector
  • 3.3 and 5V compatible

The TEMT6000 was designed as an ambient light detector for automatically controlling the backlight dimming of cell phones, laptops, car dashboards and similar items.  It can be used in many applications where it is desirable to measure the relative brightness of the light falling on the sensor.

The sensor is designed to mainly detect the light spectrum visible to the human eye with peak sensitivity at 570nm which is in the green spectrum.  The full range spans 440nm to 800nm.

The sensor itself is a NPN phototransistor. Increased light intensity on the base of the transistor increases the current flowing through the transistor collector/emitter.

The module includes a 10K resistor. The TEMT6000 sensor and the resistor form a voltage divider network as shown to the right.  As light intensity increases, the current flow also increases.  This causes the voltage drop across the 10K resistor to increase and so the voltage on the signal output increases towards Vcc.

The output voltage is fairly linear with the intensity of the illumination (lux) that is falling on the device. The range of reliable detection spans a low of 10 lux to a high of 1000 lux.

The analog output of the module is typically input into the analog input on a microcontroller where it can be measured and acted on. It works quite well for making relative measurements and determining if it is getting brighter or darker.



  • S / OUT  = Signal Output – Connects to MCU analog input
  • G / GND = Ground
  • V / VCC = Vcc (3.0 – 5.5V)


Package List:

  • TEMT6000 Ambient Light Sensor Module
  • Male header




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