Standard LCD 16×2


C-1 , R-7 , I-2


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Standard HD44780 LCDs are useful for creating standalone projects.

  • 16 characters wide, 2 rows
  • White text on blue background
  • Connection port is 0.1″ pitch, single row for easy breadboarding and wiring
  • Pins are documented on the back of the LCD to assist in wiring it up
  • Single LED backlight included can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM and uses much less power than LCD with EL (electroluminescent) backlights
  • Can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines! (Any analog/digital pins can be used)
  • Built in character set supports English/Japanese text, see the HD44780 datasheet for the full character set
  • Up to 8 extra characters can be created for custom glyphs or ‘foreign’ language support


Dimensions: 80 X 37 mm



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