Sound Recorder- ISD1760


C-4, R-1 , I-1

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  The Sound Recorder Module uses the ISD1760 Chip to record and store voice signals. ISD1700 series recording chip is a kind of high integration, high performance chip. This module can be multiple recording, the sampling rate can be set to 6k or 8k by the on-board resistor. There are also some inside sounds to remind the user working state of the module, such as record beginning, record stopping, record erasing , etc. The recording data is stored in the FLASH, without any compression to ensure a good quality.     You can easily control this module manually or by Arduino. There are some keys on the module including “REC”,”PLAY”,”EARSE”, you can control the module with these keys. The module can be also controlled by SPI, with an Arduino, you can control the detail function such as the analog path configuration, so you can integrated this module to your sound related applications.


  • Size: 52x 55mm
  • Power supply: DC5V
  • The recording time: 6K/75Sec, 8K/60Sec
  • Frequency 6 KHz or 8 KHz
  • Power LED, IC LED
  • Simple operation , not need to SCM or other module work direct
  • Output all PIN For Chip control , Convenient for control



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