Solar Micro Car Kit DIY STEM Kit



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A simple and highly affordable miniature solar car kit that includes everything you need to build a small but speedy vehicle powered solely by the strength of the sun. The kit constitutes an excellent introduction to solar energy for young learners, presenting a relatively short task rendered challenging mostly by virtue of the size of the building materials. Builders will develop their fine motor skills, learning the basics of how vehicles work, garnering confidence and self-reliance as they construct a fun toy with guidance from an instruction sheet detailed with step-by-step images and directions.

Makes a fun and unique stocking stuffer, and can be used as the basis for a wide variety of science fair projects. Once the car is built, just place it in the sun and the rays picked up by the solar cell will cause the motor to drive the wheels automatically. Make it a family project and have your cars race!


  • Build a small car powered by solar cell and electric motor
  • Includes all the parts necessary (even a small philips screwdriver is included!)
  • Develop fine motor skills, confidence, and self-reliance in young kids
  • Solar cell is already soldered to the motor (no soldering required!)
  • Great for use in various science fair projects
  • Car measures 3.25″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″ when built

Please note that these cars need outdoor sun to work. They will not work indoors through a window or with artificial lighting. Also, make sure to remove the protective film from the solar cell before use.


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