RS232 to RS485 converter


C-4, R-2 , I-4


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RS232 to RS485 compact port converter. Mounted in a very small plastic housing, it has a RS232 serial connector type DB9 female on one end and RS485 serial connector type DB9 male on the other end.


  • Compatible with EIA/TIA RS232 and RS485 standards.
  • It has a DB9 female connector for the connection of the RS232 serial data line.
  • Dispose ofDB9 male connector for RS422 or RS485 serial data line.
  • It has an accessory adapter type DB9 female to terminal with 4 connections for RS485 serial data line.
  • Terminals: GND, 5V, 485-, 485+.
  • Female DB9 adapter is supplied to 4-pin terminal block.
  • Operation of asynchronous half duplex transmission.
  • It does not require external power supply since it is fed directamente of the serial port.
  • Transmission speed from 0 to 115.2 Kbps.
  • Data transmission distance from 0 to 1200 m using 24 AWG cable.


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