Red Color HTTM Series Capacitive Touch Switch Button Module



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Portable media players and mobile handhelds are bringing convenience to our lives. As a hub for human-computer interaction, the keys are a very important part, and the traditional buttons are generally push or knob, but we are going to introduce this Button which is a touch button, it has been widely used in multimedia devices, not only easy to use, and will make your device looks more fashionable.
his HTTM (heltec touch model) capacitive touch button will generally have a variety of colors, this is red, is a conventional type, model is HTDS-SCR. Its anti-interference ability, without any mechanical parts, reducing wear , The service life is very long, reducing the cost of the latter part of the maintenance of the product, it can be placed on the insulation behind the insulation layer, which is more conducive to the production of waterproof equipment.Even you can modify the back of the resistance, which can adjust the signal output mode. It has a wide voltage input range, suitable for + 2.7v ~ +6 v, signal output voltage is +3.3v, can be directly used in the drive relay, optocoupler, led lights and other components.
Normally, it can be applied in the following situations:
1: Range hood operation panel
2: Touch switch
3: Handheld home air environment detector
4: Keyboard of industrial control device with waterproof function
5: Car equipment
6: Bluetooth test stand information display


  • Strong anti-jamming capability, built-in anti-jamming algorithm
  • Will not wear, long service life
  • Touch sensitive, no delay, flicker and other adverse reactions
  • Wide voltage input range, the application of many occasions


  • Color: red
  • Voltage input range: + 2.7v to + 6v
  • Signal output voltage: + 3.3v
  • Operating temperature range: -30 ? to + 70 ?


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