Omni‑Directional Mecanum Wheel



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  • Good compatibility: The robot wheel is compatible with building blocks and TT motors.
  • Smooth running: The rubber-coated wheel has the characteristics of smooth running and strong grip.
  • Strict quality inspection: Each wheel must be made after three inspection processes from material to wheel to ensure a 99.9% pass rate.
  • Exquisite appearance: The exterior of the mecanum wheel is in the shape of an artificial wheel, the colors are yellow and black, and the appearance is more three-dimensional.
  • Multi-mode: The omnidirectional wheel allows four-wheel drive smart cars to realize left-right translation, large-angle drift, 45-degree tilt direction movement, square rail movement and other movement modes.


  • Item Type: Mecanum Wheel
  • Material: ABS, rubber
  • Purpose: DIY smart car accessories
  • Diameter: Approx. 60mm
  • Coupling Type: For TT coupling




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