Muscle signal sensor EMG Sensor for Arduino


C-3, R-2 , I-1


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n medical research, measuring the activity, contraction and expansion of muscles is important. The EMG muscle sensor measures the muscle activity and produces a signal to show the amount of expansion and contraction. Therefore, the output depends on the amount of activity in the selected muscle. 3 Green, red and yellow electrodes connect to the module for transmitting electrical signals from the muscle motion.


  • Small Form Factor
  • Specially Designed for Microcontrollers
  • Adjustable Gain using onboard potentiometer
  • 5mm Connector


  • Video games
  • Robotics
  • Medical equipment


EMG Muscular Signal Sensor Pinout

This module has 5 pins:

  • Vs+: Positive power supply
  • GND-BAT: Ground Battery
  • Vs-: Negative power supply
  • SIG: Analog output
  • GND: Ground

You can see the pinout of this module here.


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