Mini Peristaltic Pump


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This is a  12V NKP-DC-S10D Mini Peristaltic Pump. When pumping liquids and no direct contact with the liquid is required, the all-new range of peristaltic pumps from Kamoer offers a simple solution. Unlike most pumps, peristaltic pumps squish a silicone tube to produce the pump action instead of impelling it directly, thus no direct contact with the liquid. This pump requires a 12 V DC supply and can produce a flow rate of up to 80ml per minute. If speed control is required we suggest using a simple PWM signal.


  1.  Medical usage: for liquid transfer, sampling, dispensing
  2. Chemical engineering usage: sample analysis, dispensing liquid
  3. Ink printer: for transferring ink, cleaning pipeline
  4. Laboratory use: liquid dispensing, extract liquid,
  5. Beverage: dispensing, filling
  6. Environmental usage: transferring and sampling sewage
  7. Factory usage: for liquid dispensing
  8. Family usage: watering flower, garden irrigation


  1. High-Quality Engineering Plastic Pump Head
  2. Tripple Roller Design
  3. Low Noise Motor
  4. Small Size and Low Power Consumption
  5. Suitable for Intermittent Working Situations


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