Magneticw Lock Electric


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Trigger type structure, energizing the electromagnet to pull the pull rod, start the torsion spring, and pull the lock and the door open by the force of the torsion spring. Stable and energy-saving performance. Applicable to: lockers, letter boxes, storage cabinets, logistics counters, filing cabinets, meter boxes, wardrobe, automatic sale of shops, hand cabinets, shoe counters and other centralized control cabinet. Widely used in: schools, community logistics, hotels, factories, bathing centers, troops, banks, supermarkets, prisons and other places.


1. Please pay attention to adjust the position of the lock and the keyhole when installing, and it is better to be free and flexible.
2. The red and black wires are the power cables of the electromagnetic lock, regardless of the positive and negative poles. The input voltage is 3V and the current is 50mA.
3. There is also a set of box door status detection lines controlled by red and black behind the lock, which is used to detect the status of the box door. It is normally open when the door is opened and normally closed when the door is closed.


Steady, durable and energy-saving and had a long lifespan.
The lock works as the circuits disconnects, and it will unlock as the instant power-on.
The hidden way of unlocking can be used for emergency.
Set the single power-on time to within 0.5 seconds. This makes the performance of the electromagnetic lock more stable and more energy efficient.
Lock hook can withstand 60Kg tensile force does not produce significant permanent deformation.
Used for locking sell-machine, storage shelf, file cabinet and etc.


Please try to shorten the single power-on time of the electromagnetic lock as much as possible. In order to avoid the high temperature damage caused by the electromagnetic lock, the electromagnetic lock is damaged.


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