Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Module Type-C 15W 3A DC-DC 5V



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  • This product is suitable for the application of power failure equipment without power failure. When power is available, external power supply is used. When power failure occurs, it will automatically and seamlessly switch to battery power supply.
  • The Type-c interface provides power. Compared with the microUSB interface, the current that can be passed is much larger, and the maximum current can be 5A.
  • It is suitable for routers, cameras, development boards and other equipment. It can switch the battery power supply seamlessly when the power is off, and the power supply is continuous
  • Seamless switching of external power supply and battery two-way power supply (without delay). Uninterrupted power supply, self-starting after power failure, self-charging after power call.
  • Output voltage 5V/9V/12V can be selected,
  • Lithium battery charging, lithium battery protection, boost output and UPS switching.
  • The two-color LED indicates the charging status, and the green light is always on when it is full, and the charging will stop automatically.
  • Type-C interface, high current.

Product parameters:

  • Output voltage: 5V/9V/12V
  • Current: 5A (maximum)
  • Interface: Type-c interface
  • Peak power: up to 20W
  • Rated power: up to 15W
  • Module size: 88 * 41 * 22mm length, width and height (back patch box)

Function Description:

  1. UPS function: When the power supply is powered, the power supply directly supplies power to the load through the boost circuit, while charging the lithium battery. Once the power supply is cut off, the battery path is automatically started to supply power to the load through the boost circuit.
  2. Booster circuit: peak power up to 20W, rated power up to 15W, BOST boost circuit, built-in 12A high-current MOS, efficiency up to 96%, module static power consumption 25mA, optional 5V/9V/12V output. (Under normal load condition, it is recommended to be<15W. Output 5V: current 3A output 9V: current 1.6A output 12V: current 1.2A)
  3. Lithium battery protection: over-impulse, over-discharge, over-temperature, over-current protection (if the short circuit enters the protection state after misoperation and does not output, connect 5V charging to automatically activate the recovery output).


  1. USB port and standard 5V+and 5V – are external power supply ports. You can choose one of them. The output interfaces are marked with USP+and UPS -. The back welding battery box is connected with 18650 lithium battery. It can also be connected to other 3.7V lithium batteries.
  2. When used as a UPS, it is necessary to install the battery to ensure that the input 5V power supply has sufficient power, and the output is kept on in real time. When the power supply is cut off, the battery can be started at any time.
  3. If UPS wants to save energy consumption, weld the output indicator light after all tests are completed, which can reduce the current consumption of more than 10 mA without affecting the normal output of the circuit and save power.
  4. During operation, it is possible to trigger the board to enter the protection state without output due to various reasons (wrong touch, wrong connection, etc.). You can connect a 5V charging port to the board after the problem is solved, and the board can be activated and output again after it is powered on again.
  5. The 5V charging power supply used by individual users uses an output capacitor with a larger capacity value. This capacitor can continue to discharge after the power supply is powered off, making the power supply voltage have a slow decline process, which will cause the board to not switch the battery power supply quickly after the power supply is turned off. If you encounter such a situation, you can connect a discharge resistor of about 1K at the 5V input port.
  6. If you want to increase the battery capacity of the UPS module, you can use the method of multi-section parallel connection, and other functions will not be affected.

Matters needing attention:

1. There are MOS and other components on the board, which are easy to be damaged by the induction or static electricity of the soldering iron. Please ensure that the soldering iron used is grounded (and the row grounding wire is connected), and it is best to wear anti-static gloves for operation.

2. When installing the battery, be careful not to install it backwards, otherwise the board will burn.

3. Please select sufficient power supply. Only then can the board work normally.

4. The board power supply should not be higher than 5V

5. The board is altered without technical confirmation. Our store is not responsible for technical support and after-sales service.

6. It is normal for the module to generate heat when working at high power. Pay attention to the fan heat.

Package List:

  • 1 x 15W 3A 18650 Lithium Battery Charger Module DC-DC Step Up Booster UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply /Converter Type-C 5V