Liquid Level Sensor Switch Detector Water Non Contact


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Intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor adopts advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip, and it won’t be influenced by container wall thickness when detecting the liquid level in a airtight container. Liquid level sensor is installed under container (high level and low level). No need to bore a non-metallic container, easy to install. It can detect liquid level of various toxic substances, acid, alkali and all kinds liquid in high pressure airtight container. It can be widely used and has no special requirement for liquid medium and material of container.


  • Non-contact liquid level sensor is applicable to non-metallic containers without direct contact with the liquid, not affected by scale or other impurities.
  • Intelligent liquid level benchmark adjustment and level memory function, liquid level display mode, can achieve multi-point series connection.
  • Electronic circuit structure rather than machinery ensures stable performance, durability and a long service life.
  • High stability, high sensitivity, strong anit-interference ability make sure it won’t be affected by electromagnet, special designed to deal with power frequency interference and common mode interference.
  • Compatible with most 5 ~ 24V power adapter.
  • Strong compatibility through a variety of non-metallic material containers, such as plastic, glass, ceramics etc, with a 13mm or more induction distance.
  • Testing is accurate and stable and boiling water level can be detected. Liquid, powder, particles can all be detected.


Model XKC-Y25-V
Output High&low voltage level
Input Voltage (InVCC) DC 5~24V
Current 5mA
Output Voltage (high level) InVCC
Output Voltage (low level) 0V
Output Current 1~100mA
Response Time 500mS
Operating Temperature 0~105°
Induction Thickness (sensitivity) 0~13 mm
Communication RS485
Humidity 5% ~ 100%
Material ABS
Ingress Protection IP67




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