Li-ion Battery Charger Protection Module 2S 5A

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2S 5A 8.4V 18650 Lithium Battery Charger Board Protection Module has the main IC using original precision imported components. With overcharge, over-discharge, over current, short circuit protection function, for a variety of different shapes of 3.7V capacity lithium batteries. Using the Japanese precision protection IC, VISHAY, AOS, IR, and other high-quality MOSFET, an FR-4 low-temperature coefficient of the plate, well-designed, comprehensive test. Compact size, suitable for many requirements of high integration, low-cost occasions, can meet the performance requirements of many aspects, to ensure the absolute safety of the battery group.


  1. Short circuit protection.
  2. Overcharge protection.
  3. Over-discharge protection.
  4. Over-current protection.


MB: The Common connection point between the batteries.

B+: Battery V+ Positive
B-: Battery V- Negative
P+: Charging V+
P-: Charging V-


  1. Maximum Working Current: 5A
  2. Transient Current: 7A
  3. Operating Temperature: -40-50
  4. Internal Resistance: Less than 45m
  5. B+ B-: The interface of battery core
  6. P+ P-: The connector of the battery board


Battery 2 Cell
Input Voltage (V) 8.4 ~ 9
Overcharge detection voltage (V) 4.25A±0.025
Over-discharge detection voltage (V) 4.25A± 0.025
Over current Protection (A) 7
Working current (A) 5
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 ~ +50
Length (mm) 40
Width (mm) 15
Height (mm) 2.3
Weight (gm) 1


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