LED indicator 22mm for 220 VAC for control panel red


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LED light to be installed in holes of 22 mm in diameter. It is a light indicator for control panels of electrical devices and automation. Compatible with surface boxes for controls, pushbuttons and switches, based on perforations with a diameter of 22 mm. Ideal pairto the industrial control of electrical appliances, automations, doors, blinds, etc.


  • LED light compatible with 22 mm diameter holes.
  • Voltage of 220 VAC. Intensity less than 20 mA.
  • Red LED light mounted on plastic structure with thread to sheet metal.
  • Interior size (high x diameter): 35 x 20 mm.
  • Exterior size (height x diameter): 15 x30 mm.
  • Total size (high x diameter): 50 x 30 mm.
  • Electrical connections through metal terminals with pressure screws.
  • Fixation by thread to sheet metal.
  • Ideal for the assembly of electrical automation control panels.


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