L7815CV Voltage Regulator IC Linear 5V



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The L7815CV is a linear voltage regulator integrated circuit (IC) that provides a fixed output voltage of 5V. It is part of the L78 series of voltage regulators manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

Key features of the L7815CV linear voltage regulator include:

1. Fixed Output Voltage: The L7815CV generates a constant output voltage of 5V, ensuring a stable power supply at this voltage level.

2. Maximum Output Current: The regulator is capable of supplying a maximum output current determined by its specific model and package. It is recommended to refer to the datasheet for the precise current rating.

3. Input and Output Pins: The L7815CV has three pins: input, ground, and output. The input pin receives the higher voltage input, the ground pin connects to the common ground, and the output pin provides the regulated 5V output voltage.

4. Thermal and Overcurrent Protection: The L7815CV incorporates built-in protection features to guard against overcurrent conditions and excessive heat generation, ensuring the safe operation of the regulator.

The L7815CV is commonly used in various electronic applications where a stable 5V power supply is required. It finds applications in power supplies, microcontrollers, analog circuits, and other electronic devices that operate within the specified voltage and current range. It is important to review the datasheet for detailed specifications, operating conditions, and application notes specific to the L7815CV model you are using.




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