Infrared Barrier Module Avoidance Obstacle Avoidance Sensor


C-3, R-4 , I-3


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This is a barrier sensor module, the comparator of the sensor module is LM393, which has widely range of working power supply voltage and it works by both single power and dual power supply. When it detect the obstacle, the green pilot light on the board is on, and the out interface will continuous output low level signal.
The distance can be adjusted by potentiometer, the range is 2-30 cm. To increase the detection distance, turn the potentiometer clockwise – opposite to decrease the distance. The key factor affecting the detection distance is the reflectivity and shape of the target. The detection distance of black objects is the smallest, but is the farthest for white. The smaller the area of the objects, the detection distance is much smaller.
It can be widely used on robot obstacle avoidance, obstacle avoidance car line, counting, black and white line vault and other places.


  • The sensor module has a strong adaptability to environmental light, and has a pair of infrared transmitting tubes and receiving tubes.
  • It has 3mm screw holes, so it’s easy to install and fix.
  • The interference is small, easy to assemble, and operate it easily.


  • Detection distance: 2-30cm
  • Detection angle: 35°
  • Working voltage: 3.3v-5v
  • Charging voltage: 3-5v
  • Size of board: 3.2cm x 1.4cm


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