High power 2000W AC 50V-220V SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer Speed Temperature Controller


C-2 , R-7 , I-4


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This is a high-power electronic voltage regulator, work power up to 2000w, generally can be used to adjust the voltage, adjust the light, adjust the motor speed, or adjust the temperature.In the case of access to the load, we can use it to adjust the AC voltage, adjust the range from AC50V to AC220V, it uses the circuit board is FR-4 circuit board which can bear high temperature , the maximum voltage and current is 1200V / 25A.
This regulator is equipped with a peak voltage absorption circuit that can effectively protect the high-power thyristor, making it longer life. It can be used in many occasions, such as electric furnace or water heater temperature adjustment, lighting adjustment, adjustment the speed of the motor, adjust the temperature of the soldering iron, because of the current can reach 25A, which solves the electric furnace wire in the case of cooling resistance is too small caused by the problem.As long as the electric power of less than 2000w of household appliances, you can use it and do not need to add any components .
Series in the circuit of household appliances, (disconnect the household appliances FireWire or zero line, and then connect the two lines of products) Rotary potentiometer knob, you can play a light and dark regulation, speed, pressure, thermostat effect ; Very easy to use.


  • Working Voltage:AC220V
  • Maximum power: 2000W
  • Voltage regulation: AC 50-220V
  • Board Size:36MM * 48MM
  • thick epoxy CCL: 1.6mm
  • Outside dimension: 48MM(W) * 60MM(L)*20MM(H)


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