ESR-T4 Digital Transistor Tester Diode Triode ESR Meter

C-4 R-4 I-3


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The LCR-T4 12864 LCD Graphical Transistor Tester Resistance Capacitance ESR SCR Meter is a device that is capable of measuring various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes. This meter is powered by a 9V battery or an 8.4V battery pack using 2 li-ion batteries, providing long-lasting power.

Using this tester, you can measure the current amplification factor and base-emitter threshold voltage of bipolar transistors. The results are displayed on the 128 * 64 LCD with backlight, after automatically testing the component’s pin. It features one-button operation, automatic shutdown, and low power consumption of only 20nA during shutdown.

The meter can identify Zener diodes with a reverse breakdown voltage of less than 4.5V and measure the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of capacitors with a value of 2uF or more. Additionally, it can identify Darlington transistors by using the base-emitter threshold voltage and high current amplification factor.

This tester is capable of simultaneously measuring two resistors, displaying their symbols and decimal values up to 4. It can detect various components such as NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs, diodes (including double diodes), thyristors, resistors, and capacitors.

Note that this module does not include a 9V battery.


  1. Support boot voltage detection function
  2. Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, diodes (including dual diodes), thyristors, triodes, resistors, and capacitors.
  3. Automatically testing the component leads and displaying them on the LCD
  4. The forward bias voltage of the emitter transistor can be determined by detecting the amplification factor and base number of a transistor, a MOSFET protection diode, and the like
  5. Measure gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance MOSFET
  6. The display uses 12864 LCD LCD (128 * 64 characters)
  7. High test speed, valid component test: In 2 seconds (except in larger capacitors, large capacitance measurement also takes a long time, the measurement time in 1 minute is normal)
  8. One-button operation, power-on test.
  9. Power Consumption Shutdown Mode: Less than 20 nA
  10. Automatic shutdown function can avoid unnecessary waste, save battery energy and improve battery life.


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