DualMCU ESP32 + RP2040 Development Board

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DualMCU brings the RP2040 microcontroller plus an ESP32 WROOM chip in a simple one module, make the most of the dual core 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0+ to make Internet of Things projects with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

DualMCU has been thought of as a mix between two 32-bit microprocessors: a Raspberry RP2040 cortex M0+ running at 133 Mhz and an ESP32 running up to 240 MHz, in this way we implement all the power of both microcontrollers in a single development card. With a PCB size
of 36mm x 84mm and using surface mount technology, four programmable cores with wireless functions and features are found with very low power consumption.

Both microcontrollers can communicate via serial protocol by simply activating a 2-way DIP SWITCH, for example, we can program the ESP32 as a wireless co-processor to provide the RP2040 microcontroller with WIFI or BLUETOOTH communication. For programming, there is a mechanical selector that allows us to select which MCU connects using a single USB type C connector.
Interconnect an unlimited number of I2C devices using its STEMMA, QWIIC and GROVE compatible JST-SH I2C connectors and dive into real-world projects with the onboard RGB 2020 and WS2812B LED.

With over 46 general purpose pins(GPIO), DualMCU exposes most output ports of both microcontrollers via pin headers and JST-SH connectors (STEMMA, QWIIC and GROVE I2Ccompatible). It has more common peripherals such as: UART, I2C, SPI, PWM,ADC, Touch and state machines. The multiple forms of connection to sensors, actuators or even between both microcontrollers will only be limited by your creativity.


Features Of DualMCU Development Board:

  • Combines the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller and the Espressif ESP32 chip on a single board.
  • Offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for Internet of Things projects.
  • Has a compact size of 36mm x 84mm and utilizes surface mount technology.
  • Features four programmable cores with wireless functions and advanced capabilities.
  • The RP2040 microcontroller has a clock speed of 133MHz, 264kB of SRAM, support for up to 16MB of external flash memory, 30 GPIO pins, 4 ADC channels, and 16 PWM channels, among other characteristics.
  • The ESP32 chip has a clock speed of up to 240MHz, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and support for multiple wireless protocols, among other characteristics.

Product image of UNIT DualMCU

With its Dual CORE architecture, this development board comes with robust capabilities for IoT projects in addition to its advanced low-power features and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity. But, the board has four programmable COREs–two Arm cortex-M0+ and two LX7, coming with wireless features and with Arduino IDE and MicroPython support for programming. This means that one can program each core using MicroPython, CircuitPython, as well as with Arduino Programming Language.

The DualMCU can have a great range of applications in the Internet of Things(IoT),  prototyping, evaluation and development, and robotics.  Also, the high processing capacity from RP2040, along with its flexible programming support, enables the board to be used in extensive applications involving motor control and machine learning.






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