DC Gear Motor with Encoder


C-2 , R-3 , I-1


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This is a DC gear motor with encoder, all-metal gear to provide high strength and stability. It has an encoder to help users adjust the speed. The gear motor has a large torque, low loudness and easy to use. Besides, the encoder on this module has two outputs: output_A and output_B, to monitor the motor speed and direction of rotation so that you can monitor the speed and then to adjust it in closed-loop control. The encoder output 2 signals with a 90-degree phase difference. There will be 334 pulses on each of the signal for a round of the motor, with the rising & falling edge, you can get 334x2x2=1336 signals for a round of the motor, with an interval of 360/1336=0.2694 degree.


  • Brand new
  • Wheel diameter: approx. 65mm
  • Shaft diameter: approx. 4mm
  • Voltage: DC 6V
  • Speed: 210 rpm
  • Encoder motor end: 11 signals
  • Rated voltage: DC 6V
  • No-load speed: 210RPM 0.13A
  • Max efficiency: 2.0kg.cm/170rpm/2.0W/0.60A
  • Max power: 5.2kg.cm/110rpm/3.1W/1.10A
  • Stall torque: 10kg.cm 3.2A
  • Retarder reduction ratio: 1 : 34
  • Hall resolution: hall x ratio 34.02 = 341.2PPR
  • Terminal connection length: approx. 200mm


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