DC-DC Numerical Converter 5A Adjustable Power Supply XYS3580

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  • Buck boost converter input voltage range is DC6V-36V, adjust output voltage range is DC0.6V-36V,step by 0.01V, output current range is 0-5A,step by 0.001A, Which can display the power interface, Capacity interface,Voltage and current curves interface,system parameter setting interface.
  • Step up down power supply adjust converter 5 diaplay pages, input/out voltage(V), current (A), temperature (T), power (W), electric capacity (AH), electric quantity (WH), running time, voltage and current graph, system and power parameters.
  • Can flip or rotate voltage regulator display on this power supply unit, change the color of the background and parameters and switch the day/night display mode, allows to set volts and limit the current, power on off and accurate voltage setting return after power down.
  • Adjustable buck boost converter application: compact and powerful, on the go variable power supply or LED driver; DIY lab power supply.
  • The power supply step down converter support multiple functions.such as over-voltage protection,over-current protection,over-power protection,low-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, reverse protection, and short circuit protection, and so on.


  • Input voltage range: DC 6.0-36V
  • Output voltage range: DC 0.6-36V
  • Output current: 0-5.0A
  • Output power: 80W
  • Input current limit: Max 6A
  • Voltage resolution: 0.01V
  • Current resolution: 0.001A
  • Voltage precision: ±0.3%+1 byte
  • Current precision: ±0.4%+ 3 bytes
  • Capacity: 0-999999AH
  • Energy: 0-999999WH
  • Time: 0-1000Hours

The item has constant current function, can be used to charge the rechargeable battery within 0.6V~36V.

Package List:

  • 1 x DC-DC Buck Boost Numerical Converter 5A Adjustable Power Supply