DC-DC 80W 5.1A Adjustable Automatic Buck Boost Power Supply XY-SK80

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  • XY-SK80 DC-DC 80W 5.1A Adjustable Automatic Buck Boost Power Supply Module CC CV Step Up Down Voltage Converter
  • Input voltage: DC 6.0V-36V (lower voltage protection LVP is available below 4.7V, it is recommended that the input voltage is higher than 7V, when the input voltage is lower than 7V, the output power will be reduced, the lower the input voltage, the smaller the output power)
  • Voltage accuracy: ±0.5%+1 word, resolution: 0.01V, factory calibrated accuracy
  • Current accuracy: ±0.5%+3 words, resolution: 0.001A, factory calibrated accuracy
  • Input reverse connection protection: Yes, reverse connection does not burn
  • Back flow prevention at the output: Yes, it can be directly connected to the battery
  • Output short-circuit protection: Yes, the output terminal can be directly short-circuited


  1. Input voltage: DC 6.0V-36V
  2. Output voltage: DC 0.6V-36V
  3. Output current: 0-5.100A
  4. Output power: 80W under natural heat dissipation
  5. Conversion efficiency: about 88%
  6. Soft start: Yes
  7. Temperature protection (OTP): Yes, 100℃
  8. Working frequency: 180KHZ
  9. Weight: 35g

Package List:

  • 1 x Buck Boost Converter XY-SK80