Circular River Light Module RGB Luminous Table Touch 5V



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  1. This touch sensing river table module uses high-quality materials, which are stable and reliable, easy to install, non heating, and low power consumption.
  2. The sensing thickness of the barrier is about 3 cm, and the thinner the barrier, the higher the sensitivity;
  3. The maximum load can be connected to a light strip within a current range of 5V and 2A, which can support 12V. To use 12V power supply, a 12V light strip is required;
  4. Easy to use, easy to operate, and ready to use when connected and powered on;
  5. Wide application range, suitable for various materials: wood, organic glass, acrylic resin, stone, plastic cardboard, etc., not suitable for metal materials.


  • Trigger method: touch switch
  • Input voltage: DC 5V (can support 12V, 12V power supply requires 12V light strip)
  • Power supply interface: XH2.54 3P plug
  • LED light supply voltage: default DC 5V (12V power supply, 12V light strip is used)
  • Maximum working current of a single module: ≤ 120mA
  • Size: 40mm * 38mm * 10mm
  • Light strip: approximately 20cm


Package List

  • 1 X Circular River Lamp Module
  • 1 X Light Strip



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