BTA12-600SWRG Solid-State Triac


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The BTA12-600SWRG is not a transistor, but rather a solid-state triac. A triac is a three-terminal device that functions as a bidirectional electronic switch, capable of controlling AC power. The BTA12-600SWRG is manufactured by STMicroelectronics and is specifically designed for AC switching applications.


1. Triac Type: The BTA12-600SWRG is a member of the BTA12 series of triacs.
2. Voltage and Current Ratings: The “600” in BTA12-600SWRG denotes the maximum RMS voltage rating of 600 volts. This means it can handle AC voltages up to 600V. The “SW” indicates that it has a sensitive gate, which allows it to trigger with lower current. The “RG” suffix represents the RoHS-compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) version of the component.
3. Current Capability: The BTA12-600SWRG triac has a maximum RMS current rating of 12 amperes. This rating indicates the maximum current it can handle under normal operating conditions.
4. Package: The BTA12-600SWRG triac comes in a TO-220AB package, which is a widely used package for power electronic components. It facilitates easy mounting and heat dissipation.
5. Gate Triggering: The triac has a sensitive gate, which means it can be triggered with low currents and low voltage signals.
6. Application: The BTA12-600SWRG triac is commonly used in various AC switching applications, such as motor control, lighting control, dimmers, solid-state relays, and other power control circuits.



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