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If you are gonna build a robotics project, then you need to check out this guy, Black Gladiator. He is an agile tracked robot chassis, low noise, and easy to control, which could be a good partner for any tank-liked robots. This tracked chassis employs high-strength aluminium alloy base with delicate appearance, higher stability, and longer durability.

The track is made of engineering plastic that basically assured the good elasticity, excellent damping effect, and large road grip of the product. What’s more, it comes with two quality motors to provide high power and speed, which enables your DIY robot car to widely suit all kinds of road surfaces.

To explore more possibilities, you can use this tracked chassis with Arduino microcontrollers or add other electronic components on the base such as IR sensor, ultrasonic sensor, camera, LED, display, WIFI module, etc. For Arduino fans and smart robot car lovers, this is a good choice for you!
Note: the tracked chassis is unassembled, you need to get it done by yourself.

“Black Gladiator” Tracked Chassis Installation tutorial

Step 1: Install the load-bearing wheel (first install the M4*50 long screw into the load-bearing wheel), and lock the other side with the M4 screw.

Step2: place the gasket on the bracket and insert the load-bearing wheel into the hole of the bracket; the other end is also fitted with a gasket, which is also locked with the M4 nut. Be careful not to screw the load-bearing wheel too tightly.

Step 3: Insert the motor into the bracket and tighten it with 3 M3*6 flat head screws.

Step 4:Install the drive wheel: firstly insert the coupling into the drive wheel, and at the other end, use the allen key to fit the M3*8 hex socket screw into the drive wheel and lock it with the coupling.

Step 5:Install the drive wheel on the motor and tighten with black screw; please note: the hole on the coupling must be aligned with the flat end of the motor shaft.

Step 6: Remove the track first, remove the excess part of the track, and measure the required track length.

Embed the track pin into the track with a pair of pincers




  • Assembled Dimensions: 19.3*16.3*6cm(L*W*H)/7.60*6.42*2.36”
  • Net Weight: 0.47kg
  • Base Material: aluminium alloy 2mm
  • Surface Treatment: sandblasting oxidation
  • Track: engineering plastic
  • Wheel: plastic
  • Package Includes:
    Base: 1
    Motor: 2
    Track: 2
    Bearing Wheel: 2
    Drive Wheel: 2
    Screw Accessory: 1 set
    Hex Wrench
    Battery Holder: 1
  • Motor parameter
    Voltage Range: 6V-12V
    No-load Speed: 170-350RPM
    Nominal Voltage: DC 12V
    No-load Current: 100mA
    Weight: 100g


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