Analog Sound Sensor module


C-3, R-6 , I-3


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Sensitive Microphone Sensor Module with Analog and Digital/Comparator Outputs. Can be used with Arduino Uno/Due/Mega/Leonardo and with other microcontrollers and embedded boards.


  1. AO : analog output, real-time output voltage signal of the microphone
  2. G : Power Ground
  3. + : Positive VCC (3V-5.5V Nominal : 3.0V – 5.0V)
  4. DO : Output High Logic when the sound intensity reaches a threshold set by potentiometer


  • A mounting screw hole 3mm
  • Module uses 5v DC power supply
  • Analog output
  • A potentiometer that adjusts threshold for digital output
  • high sensitive microphone
  • A Power indicator LED
  • An LED Signal Detect LED

Example code: Digital output

Example Code : analog outputs



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