Adjustable 3A 35W Step Up Down Buck Boost Converter


C-2 , R-7 , I-3


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wide voltage input 5.5-30V, wide voltage output 0.5-30V, both boost can also buck, such as you adjust the output voltage of 18V, then the input voltage between 5.5-30V casually change, will be constant output 18V; then For example, you enter 12V, adjust the potentiometer settings 0.5-30V arbitrary output.

High power, high efficiency, better performance than XL6009 / LM2577 program. Using external 60V75A high power MOS, parallel high current high withstand voltage Schottky diode SS56. Not 6009 or 2577 program SS34 can be compared, because according to the principle of step-up and down, MOS and Schottky’s pressure is greater than the sum of the input and output voltage. Iron silico aluminum magnetic ring inductance, high efficiency.

Constant current mode without electric whistle.

You can set the current size, used to limit the output current, constant current drive, battery charging lamp occasions.

Comes with the output anti-backwash function, to the battery charge without additional anti-flooding diode.

Product parameters:

  • Input voltage: 5-30V
  • Output voltage: 0.5-30V
  • Output current: to long-term stability in the 3A, to strengthen the heat can reach 4A
  • Output power: natural cooling 35W, strengthen the heat 60W
  • Conversion efficiency: 88% or so
  • Short circuit protection: Yes
  • Operating frequency: 180KHZ
  • Size: Length * Width * Height 65 * 32 * 21mm


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