Acrylic Robot Claw with 9G Servo



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When you see it first, what would you think it is? Crab? Bingo! It looks like a crab and it also works like a claw. Eight “hand” make it easier to grab something bulky, even the sphere and cylinder. The claw with thick acrylic panels has high-strength and light weight. Acrylic material means that it works with noiseless. We choose a 9g servo- P0090 to use with it, due to its stable performance and fast responding. You can install it as follows, and we also provide the installation instructions for you in the package. Easy to assemble!
Due to its low price and good quality, I think that you couldn’t have more better choice.
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  • High-strength acrylic material
  • Easy assembly
  • Practical and beautiful
  • Light weight
  • Grab big object


  • Compatible with 9g servos
  • Claw weight: 60g
  • Claw length:97mm

Package list

  • Acrylic Robot Claw kit x 1
  • 9g servo x 1
  • Assembly instructions x 1


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