6 Channel 12V Relay Module with Optocoupler


C2, R5, I4


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What is a Relay?

A Relay is a digital switch to control much higher voltages and currents than your normal Arduino boards does. When inputs a logic voltage, the relay will switch to allow current to flow or cutoff, depending on your wiring. A Relay usually consists of a coil, 1 common terminal, 1 normally closed terminal and one normally open terminal. When the coil is energized, the common terminal and the normally open terminal will have continuity.

Why to use a Relay?

Anytime you want to switch on/off a device which draws more current or works with a high voltage, you’ll need to use a relay, such as controlling of headlights, parking lights, horns, etc.

Product Description

This 6 Channel 12V Relay Module with Optocoupler meets the safety standard as control areas and load area have the isolation groove. Optical coupling isolation module.

The triggering of the 6 Road/Channel Relay Module is reliable, more stable. The double FR4 circuit board design, high-end SMT process. It has power and relay operation instructions. Relays terminals (C, NC, NO) are accessible through screw terminals which makes wiring up the board very easy.

The inputs of the 8Channel 12VRelay Module are isolated to protect any delicate control circuitry.

A wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM and so on can control it.

The use of such high-voltage relay eliminates the risk of heating up of the relay as electromechanical relay limit the current consumption in accordance with a voltage rating.

Module Interface:

The positive (according to the relay voltage VCC: connect power supply)
GND: connect power negative
IN1: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN2: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN3: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN4: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN5: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN6: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN7: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end
IN8: relay module (effective) high-level trigger signal trigger end


  • Equipped with high-current relay 10A 250VAC / 10A 30VDC
  • It can control both AC and DC appliances such as Solenoids, Motors, lights, fans, etc.
  • High-quality screw terminals (Terminal Block) provided (C, NC, NO) for quick and easy connection
  • A freewheeling diode to protect your microcontroller
  • Input Signal Pin connected to Burg stick for easy accessibility
  • LED status indicators to indicate the relay ON/OFF status
  • Mounting holes provided
  • Signal input with a high-level signal, the common and often start conduction;
  • The relay can directly control all kinds of equipment and load;
  • One often opened a normally closed contact;
  • Blue KF301 terminal line more convenient.
  • It is also able to control various appliances and other types of equipment with a large current.
  • Red working status indicator lights are conducive to safe use. Widely used for all MCU control, industrial sector, PLC control, smart home control.


Trigger Voltage DC 12V
Trigger Current 20mA
Switching Voltage AC 250V 10A
Switching Voltage DC 30V 10A
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Opt. Relative Humidity(RH) 20% ~ 85%
Storage condition – 65℃ to 125℃
Length 104mm
Width 53mm
Height 17mm
Weight 80 gm


Package List:

1 x 6 Channel 12V Relay Module with Optocoupler.


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