37 Sensor Modules Kit For Arduino

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Whether learning Arduino or other controllers, sensors are very important, because we need to have data to control, such as photosensitive resistors, temperature sensors, infrared receiving module, etc. are often used. This time we put the sensors that most learners need to use in a package, so that everyone can get 37 sensors at a time, and everyone can use and learn them. We have written data for each sensor in the kit to make it easier for you to learn.

Package list:


1pcs Arduino Uno

1pcs Breadboard full size

1pcs Linear Hall

1pcs Big sound

1pcs Small sound

1pcs Flame

1pcs Metal Touch

1pcs Digital temp

1pcs Reed switch

1pcs Avoid

1pcs Tracking

1pcs Rotary encoders

1pcs Joystick XY

1pcs Relay

1pcs Tap module

1pcs Light blocking

1pcs Mini Reed

1pcs Button

1pcs Heart brate

1pcs Laser emit

1pcs 7 color flash

1pcs RGB LED

1pcs Tilt switch

1pcs Shock

1pcs Two-color LED

1pcs IR emission

1pcs buzzer

1pcs Analog Hall

1pcs SMD RGB

1pcs passive buzzer

1pcs Two-color

1pcs TEMP 18B20

1pcs Hall magnatic

1pcs IR receiver

1pcs Light Cup

1pcs Ball switch

1pcs Photoresistor

1pcs Analog temp

1pcs Temp and humidity


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