2W Solar Panel

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Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? This solar panel charger is a lightweight, ultra thin (2mm), and affordable power solution.  The panel is capable of 2 watts in the open sun with a peak power output around 5V at 400mA.

This panel features a monocrystalline silicon material to provide a 20% high photoelectric conversion rate. With a frosted surface makes the panel scratch resistant and more durable. This also has a water resistant epoxy resin seal.

The panel is slightly flexible making it considerably lighter than equivalent glass based panels. Because it is light weight this panel is designed for temporary installation on windows (that’s what the included suction cups are for) but can be permanently installed.

If you’re considering permanent installation, note that the DC buck on the back of the panel is not fully waterproof. As long as the panel is mounted with the connector pointed down the panel should survive quite well outdoors.


  • Solar Output: 5V, 400mA
  • Water resistance: IP65
  • Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Dimensions: 142.2mm x 85.0mm x 2.06mm
  • Weight: 43.2 gram.



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