1S 18650 Li-po Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module


C-3, R-1 , I-1


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This battery type capacity indicator module display shows the display is more intuitive and more beautiful. A wider range of applications, nickel-metal hydride batteries, 18650 and polymer lithium battery packs, lead-acid storage, electric vehicle batteries, electric equipment can be used.

This display has a reverse connection function, even if the positive and negative connection will not burn. To use the display just connect the positive and negative terminals of the display board to the positive and negative terminals of the battery under test. The digital tube will display the real-time battery power.


  1. Battery type of electricity quantity display.
  2. Wide application fields: lithium battery.
  3. Using Method: connect display board positive and negative port with tested battery positive.
    and negative port, the digital tube will display real-time battery electricity quantity.
  4. Digital Color: outline red, display block blue (when the battery electricity quantity is full, it will be all on).


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